Property Owners

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Do you have a commercial premises or investment property to insure? We can arrange a tailored policy designed specifically to meet your needs and protect your assets & liabilities.

Material Damage Cover

All Risks cover in respect of loss or damage to the property and ancillary services.
Provision should also be made for:

  • An inflation provision to protect against increases in rebuilding costs
  • Trace & access cover in respect of escape or leakage of oil / gas / water
  • Fire brigade charges
  • Replacement of locks / keys
  • Damage to landscaping

Loss of Rental Income

Cover in respect of rent receivable sustained as a result of an insured loss under the policy. Particular attention should be taken when deciding on a sum insured to allow for any delays in rebuilding due to changes in local authority requirements or planning laws.

Employers Liability

Cover to provide for casual property repairs or maintenance around the property or development.

Property Owners Liability

To cover legal liability which you, as owner of the buildings or complex, incur as a result of an accident causing accidental bodily injury to a third party or accidental damage to third party property.

Extensions to cover should incorporate car park liability and indemnity to any management or owner’s representative group.