If you have a motor vehicle it is mandatory by law that you have insurance to drive it in a public place. It is a criminal offence to do so without a minimum level of cover for your legal liability for any injury or loss suffered by other people (Third Parties) as a result of your driving.

When arranging Commercial Motor Insurance you have a number of cover options:

Third Party Only Cover (TPO)
  • Cover in respect of damage caused to a third partys vehicle or property & for any injuries caused to a third party or parties.
  • No cover for any damage to your vehicle
  • This is usually the cheapest cover available but is a very limited option

Third Party Fire & Theft Cover (TPFT) Includes your liability to third parties as above with the addition of cover for
  • Loss or damage to your vehicle caused by fire, self-ignition, lightning, or explosion
  • Loss of your vehicle by theft or damage caused by attempted theft
  • Windscreen or Glass Protection may also be available as an option with some insurers

Comprehensive Cover
  • Cover in respect of third party liability and any accidental damage to your own vehicle
  • Protection in the event of fire or damage caused by theft or attempted theft (see TPFT)
  • Windscreen or glass protection as standard

Other Options
  • Full bonus protection permits you to have a specific number or specific value of claims within a certain period without the loss of your no-claims discount.
  • "Step-back" bonus protection in the event of a claim you only lose part of your no-claims discount, but not all of it.
  • Insured only driving, insured & named drivers or open driving options